This is a seed pod wafting across a sun-drenched meadow, so far. Me and Thalia the butterfly have big iBuyer analytics plans for this site, along with all sort of other plans, but life happens, events intrude, blah, blah, blah…

For now we satisfy ourselves with a weblog documenting this sea change – iBuying creating a retail real estate marketplace as an emergent phenomenon – even as we continue to build out our tools every which way.

If you don’t know me, I’m the guy Glenn Kelman phoned to yell at when he’d had one pop too many. I’m the guy who stood up for Zillow when no one would – twice. If it suits the iBuyer suits to underestimate me, that is very much to my advantage.

Meanwhile, if you’re a seller, buyer, flipper, investor or agent thinking about doing business with these big, dumb whales, have I got good news for you!

Stay connected – the mailing list, RSS, whatever works best. But there is much more to come…

Greg Swann