Announcing The Phoenix iBuyer Averages – sort of…

When I proposed The Phoenix iBuyer Averages, Brian Brady said, “That is detailed data.”

I said, “Very easy.”

Turns out we were both right.

A chart like that is easy for me to scare up in Google Sheets, but I want for iBuyer Averages to propagate nationwide, in every city iBuyers operate in, now and going forward. How they are doing is news, and you need to be able to share that news with your clients and with your local news media.

So I want to make things easy for everyone.

This report is built out of a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and it is meant to be copied and adapted. The web page is dread simple, and it’s ultimately just a masthead and an iframe to contain the embedded spreadsheet. When you update the spreadsheet, you update the web page.

I’ve built software to populate the table because it is a lot of detailed data, and I will document that software and make it available, as well.

This really wants to run on the 5th of every month, or so, to allow time for late closings to be entered into the MLS. We’ll fill in the blanks and share the software then.

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