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iBuyers discover listing real estate is hard – but demonstrate improvement

My ultimate goal is always excellence – can’t find anything to fix – but my everyday goal is simply better: I want to do better every day, understanding that excellence is worth pursuing even if I never quite manage to catch it. So I want to celebrate the Phoenix iBuyers in that regard: They seem […]

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Dog and butterfly – playing poker: Anatomy of the iBuyers’ anathema.

“Understanding #iBuying: As an investment analogy, the #iBuyers’ quest for success would be like an ordinary millionaire buying an apartment community as a loss-leader in order to gain access to the precious on-site vending-machine concessions.” I wrote that a couple of days ago, but I’m not all the way in love with it. It’s plenty […]

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Today’s news: #iBuyers have gulled some sellers. Tomorrow’s headlines: Sellers pit #iBuying #iDiots against each other.

The big iBuyer news is the Collateral Analytics paper on the high cost of selling a home to a (fake) bot: “In all, the typical cost to a seller appears to be in the range of 13% to 15% depending on the iBuyer vendor.” That seems like a bold claim, and I think these folks […]

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