I proved that all 3 Phoenix iBuyers are inept at marketing real estate and all I got was a back-handed confirmation…

The non-concession concession: If I’m wrong, that’s easy to prove. Instead, I’m blocked. Ergo, I’m not wrong.

Last Friday, I proved that OpenDoor is inept at real estate marketing. No corporate P.R. response, but plenty of traffic, my guess would be from recently-sideswiped staffers.

Monday, I proved that OfferPad is inept at real estate marketing. No corporate P.R. response.

Tuesday, I proved that Zillow is well beyond inept at real estate marketing. No corporate P.R. response but quite a few C-suite visitors.

Wednesday, I proved that all three Phoenix iBuyers are inept at real estate investing as such, and are seemingly unaware of the bedrock principles undergirding the profit system: Buy low, sell high – not the other way around. No corporate P.R. responses – though, again, the predictable flurry of furtive blame-stormers.

Wednesday, I also proved that Zillow is by far the worst performer among the Phoenix iBuyers, going far beyond mere ineptitude to a mad frenzy of catastrophic wealth-destruction. Zillow may be losing more than $50,000 per “investment” in Phoenix.

That got a response:

No alt text provided for this image

Corporate P.R. or not, numbers don’t lie. The three little Phoenix iBuyers are each a financial train wreck, with Zillow taking top prize as The Greatest Little Fool That Couldn’t.

Taking criticism is hard, I know, but face it: Not everybody can do this job.

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