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Do I have plans for iBuyerSpy.com? No. I have a bunch of them.

The question: “Do you have plans for iBuyerSpy.com?” The answer: No. I have a bunch of them. 1. I have software schemes to do an apples-to-apples comparison of all iBuyer transactions, a guesstimated ROI-per-deal based on real and rationally-imputed numbers. Imagine how helpful that would be to shareholders. This scales/partners nationally: MLS access + local APIs = […]

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iBuying creates a retail real estate marketplace – but without a ‘discount rack.’

Yesterday, Brian Brady pointed out that traditional real estate’s non-traditional career tracks create an opening for the iBuyers. To balance matters, here is an iBuyer vulnerability I have not seen discussed. Except by me, of course. I’ve been studying pieces of this problem for a long time, and I’ve been talking about it in public […]

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