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How to spank an iBuyer: How can you smash-’n’-grab OpenDoor for a steal? It’s almost too easy!

First: Get with the program. It remains to be seen if I know more about iBuying than the iBuyers, but it’s for sure they won’t give you the straight dope. So connect or follow. I’ll show you everything the iBuyers never knew to think about. Torquing iBuyers as a buyer’s agent is just plain easy, […]

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Do I have plans for iBuyerSpy.com? No. I have a bunch of them.

The question: “Do you have plans for iBuyerSpy.com?” The answer: No. I have a bunch of them. 1. I have software schemes to do an apples-to-apples comparison of all iBuyer transactions, a guesstimated ROI-per-deal based on real and rationally-imputed numbers. Imagine how helpful that would be to shareholders. This scales/partners nationally: MLS access + local APIs = […]

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iBuying creates a retail real estate marketplace – but without a ‘discount rack.’

Yesterday, Brian Brady pointed out that traditional real estate’s non-traditional career tracks create an opening for the iBuyers. To balance matters, here is an iBuyer vulnerability I have not seen discussed. Except by me, of course. I’ve been studying pieces of this problem for a long time, and I’ve been talking about it in public […]

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